Les Mouches
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Les Mouches is the project of Toronto-based vocalist Owen Pallett (also active in Hidden Cameras). drummer Rob Gordon, guitarist Matt Smith, Steph Comilang - moles The EP Blood Orgy (Blocks, 2003) introduced a schizophrenic quartet that ran the gamut from the agonizing blues of Love Song To An Empty Room to the Broadway pop of Close To You.

The band's chaotic style is in full display on You're Worth More to Me than 1,000 Christians (Blocks, 2004), from the noise-folk of Cities Become Less Important to the disjointed hyper-psychedelic Carload Of Whatever to the moody metamorphoses of the lengthy What We Know As Buildings Have Always Been Canyons. There are bits of sheer genius, such as the juxtaposition of atonal chamber music and folk guitar in Divorce The Ones You Love), but the general feeling is one of a fragmented work, each fragment being potentially something much more intriguing.

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