Los Siquicos Litoralenos

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A Pleno Ritmo Sideral (2005), 7/10
Abduccion Nacional Y Popular (2010), 6/10
Radio Siquica (2018), 6/10
Medianos Exitos Subtropicales Vol 1 (2018), 7/10
Medianos Exitos Subtropicales Vol 2 - El Relincho Del Tiempo (2019), 6.5/10

Los Siquicos Litoralenos, an Argentinean collective gathering around guitarist Raul Kukumente, sprinkled A Pleno Ritmo Sideral (2005) with incoherent chaotic jams of folk, jazz, noise and rock, including generous injections of electronics. Most songs are confused lo-fi collages of folk songs and noise, mostly a few seconds long. Standouts include the dadaistic electroacoustic cacophony of El Gran Ritmo Sideral, Fiesta Chulenga and Cachacaka Dub, plus the Captain Beefheart-ian blues of Lucita Bicho.

Mas Alla' de la Siesta Psiquica (2007)

Abduccion Nacional Y Popular (2010) is a more eclectic hodgepodge of warped genres, from the polka-ish anthem Cinta Planetaria to the deconstructed reggae of Cachaka Espejo and the David Peel-esque street rant Todo Roto Al Esquivar. This time the band sticks to a more or less traditional song format.

Sonido Chipadelico (2013) is a compilation.

The cassette Radio Siquica (2018) contains the 18-minute suite Capitulo 14 and the 15-minute suite Capitulo 11, both nonsense collages of folk songs and assorted noises.

Medianos Exitos Subtropicales Vol 1 (2018) collects fragments, debris: psychedelic chants like Temprano Me Los Comi`, stoned folk music a` la Holy Modal Rounders like Las Variables de la Vida Sentimental, the funk-jazz dance No Llores Mas, a free-form jam that evokes an enchanted tropical forest (Misterios del Amazonas)... with melodic peaks in Es Sideral and Por Que Te Vas.

Medianos Exitos Subtropicales Vol 2 - El Relincho Del Tiempo (2019) contains La Danza Del Brontosaurio, a drunk tribal dance a` la Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, the cinematic psych-cumbia-ska of El Hombre Y Sus Circunstancias, surreal percussive instrumentals like Dostoyevski En El Minimercado, and Fanfarria Citrica, which stands halfway between Lol Coxhill's Welfare State and Captain Beefheart's romps on Safe as Milk.

Los Siquicos Cenan con Static Tics (2021) was a collaboration with Dutch duo Static Tics (Lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker).

Nicola Kokote was also Dj Tere-re' who released El Secreto del Condor Finalmente Revelado (2022).

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