Lupine Howl
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The Carnivorous Lunar Adventures , 6/10
The Bar At The End Of The World , 4/10

Lupine Howl is the rest of Spiritualized (Sean Cook, Mike Mooney and Damon Reece, now relocated to Bristol), but Primal Scream and Radiohead seem to be the real influences on The Carnivorous Lunar Adventures (Beggars Banquet, 2001), rather than Jason Pierce. Their business card was the electronic gospel Vaporizer, that still works as a manifesto of their art (certainly better than that other single, 125, hardly noticeable at all). The appetizers here are the space ballads: This Condition, Sniff The Glue, Lonely Roads. They employ gentle, elegant, intelligent harmonies, that contrast with the cubist architecture of Planet X and the exuberant freakout of The Jam That Ate Itself. Stealing the best from each of the two groups of songs, the two epic centerpieces of the album boast enough creativity to compete with Ozric Tentacles, albeit watered down like in the hippie days of San Francisco. However, the ten-minute acid trip Carnival (with a bit of Kula Shaker's Tattiva) and the dreamy, eight-minute Sometimes establish Lupine Howl as more than a mere offshoot of Spiritualized.

But The Bar At The End Of The World (Vinyl Hiss, 2002) is a collection of gentle ballads that don't go anywhere (A Grave To Go To, Don't Lose Your Head).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gianluca Mantovan)

I Lupine Howl sono cio' che rimane degli Spiritualized (Sean Cook, Mike Mooney e Damon Reece, ora di stanza a Bristol) ma, piu' di Jason Pierce, Primal Scream e Radiohead paiono essere le vere influenze su The Carnivorous Lunar Adventures (Beggars Banquet, 2001). Il biglietto da visita fu il gospel elettronico Vaporizer, che rappresenta il loro manifesto (di certo meglio dell'altro singolo, 125, di poca rilevanza). I pezzi succulenti sono le ballate spaziali: This Condition, Sniff the Glue, Lonely Roads, le cui armonie lievi, eleganti e intelligenti sono in contrasto con l'architettura cubista di Planet X e il freakout esuberante di The jam that ate itself. Prendendo il meglio da ciascuno dei due gruppi di canzoni i due pezzi epici centrali nell'album mostrano creativita' sufficiente per un paragone con gli Ozric Tentacles, per quanto annacquato nei giorni hippie di San Francisco. Comunque i dieci minuti di trip acido di Carnival (con qualcosa di Tattva dei Kula Shaker) e gli otto minuti di Sometimes rendono i Lupine Howl qualcosa piu' di una semplice costola degli Spiritualized.

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