Maximo Park

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A Certain Trigger (2005), 6.5/10
Our Earthly Pleasures (2007), 5.5/10
Quicken The Heart (2009), 4.5/10
The National Health (2012), 4/10

Paul Smith, Maximo Park's frontman, was the Ray Davies of the so called "new generation" of the 2000s: a poignant chronicler of his times who used addictive hooks and riffs (and rhythms) to capture the attention of his audience. The frenzied dance-pop of A Certain Trigger (2005) was ultimately just a more streamlined version of Franz Ferdinand and the Futureheads, and perhaps also the catchiest of the three: Now I'm All Over The Shop, The Coast Is Always Changing, The Night I Lost My Head, and especially the anthemic rocking Apply Some Pressure.

Our Earthly Pleasures (2007) was more varied and refined (Girls Who Play Guitars, Karaoke Plays) but lacked the verve and infectiousness of the debut.

Missing Songs (Warp, 2006) is a collection of B sides.

Quicken The Heart (Warp, 2009) contains The Kids Are Sick Again and Wraithlike, but it's just routine by a band that never had any idea other than jump on somebody else's bandwagon.

Paul Smith debuted solo with Margins (2009).

Maximo Park's The National Health (Straight To The Sun, 2012) aimed at being a sociopolitical fresco but forgot to include some music other than the title-track The National Health.

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