Sean McCann

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Great Big Sea was a Canadian band (that debuted on album in 1993) specializing in revisiting the traditional folk repertoire.

Great Big Sea's singer Sean McCann made much more adventurous albums on his own, but also way too many (a dozen in just three years) in all sorts of styles: Dreem Ordeal (2008), Phase Pools (2008), Jasmine (2008), Boomerangutan (2008), How Deep Is The Ocean (2008), Phylum Sigh (2009), Background Sound Three (2009), A Wind In Their Way (2009), Frame Of Mind (2009), The Truth Is Marching In (2009), Midnight Orchard (2009), Chances Are Staying (2010), Fable Shop (2010), Fountains (2010), Open Resolve (2010), Leave Today (2010), Allay (2010), Sincere World (2011), Mammoth Mountain (2011), Prelusion (2011), Lullabies for Bloodshot Eyes (2010), Son of a Sailor (2011), The Capital (2011), etc.

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