Memory Tapes

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Seek Magic (2009) , 6/10
Player Piano (2011), 4.5/10

New Jersey-based electronic musician Dayve Hawk released singles as Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes (a sort of yin/yang and female/male dichotomy). Eventually he settled on Memory Tapes as his official moniker and re-debuted with the Caribbean-tinged dancefloor novelty Bicycle (2009).

Seek Magic (Acephale, 2009) is a collection of charming dance-pop madrigals. Besides the single, it delivered languid soul-pop (Swimming Field) and moody synth-pop (Plain Material). However, the strength of Memory Tapes lay in the rhythms, as proven by the polyrhythmic ballet Green Knight, the ping-pong techno of Pink Stones, and especially the disco locomotive Stop Talking, It was mostly a cold and detached affairs. The only moments of pathos were the grand aria played by the synth in Graphics and the soaring distorted riff that shrouds Run Out.
A bonus disc contains the 22-minute Treeship, in which slowly mutating drones paint a mysterious soundscape that throbbing sequencers try in vain to colonize.

Unfortunately, Player Piano (2011) was a very weak collection.

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