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Jewellery (2009), 7/10
Chopped and Screwed (2011), 5/10

English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Micachu (Mica Levi) debuted at 21 with Jewellery (Rough Trade, 2009), produced by Herbert and accompanied by her backing band, the Shapes (that featured keyboardist Raisa Khan and drummer Marc Pell). Its songs were very busy and very short, overall insanely disorienting. In fact, ditties such as Vulture are reminiscent of Frank Zappa's satirical skits. She excels at musical nonsense, as in the cacophonous rap of Wrong, the bluesy lied for musique concrete Guts and the industrial ballet Turn Me Well. Calculator harks back to the vintage swinging garage-rock of the Animals but with a demented twist. She briefly tries to impersonate a conventional folkish singer-songwriter in Just In Case, but the creative bug soon takes over. All of them are slim creatures that never abuse their time. The musical and comedian peak of the album, the glorious cow-punk gallop of Sweetheart, lasts less than a minute. She toys with the vogue of dance-punk/ electroclash in danceable songs such as Ship and the more radio-friendly Golden Phone. But don't count on any significant flirtation with the mainstream: her attention span is too short, and her dadaistic passion for destabilizing even the most harmless of refrains is irrepressible.

Chopped and Screwed (2011) was a collaboration with the London Sinfonietta that fell short of interesting music.

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