Mindless Self Indulgence

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Tight (1999), 6/10
Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy (1999), 7/10
Alienating Our Audience (2002), 6/10
You'll Rebel To Anything (2005), 6/10

Mindless Self-Indulgence (vocalist "Urine", guitarist "Steve Righ", bassist "Vanessa" and drummer "Kitty", two men and two women) is a New York band that plays a mixture of hardcore, industrial music and hip-hop. They debuted with Tight (Uppity Cracker, 1999).

Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy (Elektra, 1999), a 30-song monolith, is self-parodistic hardcore with overtones of operetta. Heavily syncopated, derailed by scratching or electronics or videogames, and sung in a psychotic falsetto, MSI's punk-rock indulges in sarcastic and clownish postures (Backmask, Clarissa, Faggot, Harry Truman, I Hate Jimi Page, Last Time I Tried, Masturbates), while the serious moments get inspiration from Def Leppard (Bitches) and Sex Pistols (Boomin'). Each song is different, and they rarely fall into melodrama (Cocaine). The show is entertaining, devilish and effective. Perhaps 30 songs is ten too many.

Alienating Our Audience (Uppity Cracker, 2002) was a live album.

You'll Rebel To Anything (Metropolis, 2005) is another virulent set of variations on the sound of Marilyn Manson and Ministry. While no song particularly shines, the whole is intimidating and cohesive.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Giovanni Simoncelli)

I Mindless self indulgence ( voce "Urine" , chitarra "Steve Righ", basso "Vanessa" e batteria "Kitty", due uomini e due donne) sono una band di New York che suona un misto di hardcore, industrial e hip-hop.

Il loro primo album è intitolato Tight (Uppity Cracker, 1999)

Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy (Elekra, 1999), un disco monolitico formato da 30 pezzi, è un hardcore auto parodistico con toni da operetta. Pesantemente sincopato, deragliato da scratch, elettronica o videogiochi, e cantato in un falsetto psicotico, il punk-rock del MSI assume posture sarcastiche e clownesche (Backmask, Clarissa, Faggot, Harry Truman, I Hate Jmmyi Page, Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World, Masturbates), mentre i momente seri traggono ispirazione dai Def Leppard (bitches) e dai Sex Pistols (Boomin’). Le canzoni sono molto differenti tra loro e raramente scendono nel melodrammatico (Cocaine). Lo spettacolo è divertente, indemoniato e d’effetto.

Forse nelle trenta canzoni, dieci sono di troppo.

Alienating Our Audience (Uppity Cracker, 2002) E’ un album dal vivo.

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