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Mugstar (2006), 5/10
Sun Broken (2010), 6.5/10
Lime (2010), 7/10
Ad Marginem (2012), 6/10
Axis (2012), 6/10
Centralia (2013), 6/10

English band Mugstar debuted with Mugstar (2006), a mediocre imitation of so many space-rock albums of the last 35 years. The two subsequent (all-instrumental) albums confirmed a general dearth of original ideas, but each contained a stunning tribute to the classics of acid-rock. The 14-minute Furklausundbo on Sun Broken (Important, 2010) is basically a protracted garage-rock rave-up with hints of surf music.

The 13-minute Serra on Lime (Important, 2010 - Agitated, 2011) combines cosmic music, free-jazz, minimalist repetition, Suicide's electrical neurosis and Neu's motorik hypnosis and eventually secretes an organ melody that could be from an old synth-pop hit. The eleven-minute Radar King boasts three minutes of intriguing guitar counterpoint but followed by very little, whereas the shorter Sunburnt Impedience Machine packs shamanic invocations and roaring crescendos (a` la early Pink Floyd) in a much more effective manner.

They also composed a film soundtrack, Ad Marginem (Agitated, 2012), which is one of their most conceptual works, bordering on post-rock.

Axis (Agitated, 2012) contains seven shorter songs, notably the pounding, hypnotic Axis Modulator, a sort of hybrid of Terry Rileyian minimalism, Neu's motorik rhythm and tribal African dance. A close second is the more "romantic" Tangerina, that actually hints at a melody amid all the propulsive mania. The psychotic crescendo of Black Fountain exudes exotic overtones. Centralia (Agitated, 2013) was recorded live.

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