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Murmuure (2010) , 7/10

French one-man outfit Murmuure acid-rock, cosmic electronic music, and lo-fi black metal on the instrumental mini-album Murmuure (Cold Void Emanations, 2010), that expands on a hour-long guitar improvisation of 2006, A Stravinsky-ian orchestral snippet and exotic chamber music opens Primo Vere before the guitar and drums onslaught. This overture, however, ends just when it was starting to sound interesting. Reincarnate restarts from a low buzzing guitar distortion that picks up steam and turns into an incendiary hymn before decaying into a cosmic void. Amethyst performs a similar feat by crafting an apocalyptic and epic leitmotif out of a nebula of haunting drones. The tension is even greater in the less melodic but thicker L'Adieu Au Soleil, that adds distorted church organ to the guitar mantra. Disincarnate closes the journey with an eerie noisescape of mostly electronic bleeps and drones. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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