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Condors (2009), 6.5/10 (mini)
In A Dim Light (2012), 5.5/10

English trio Nedry (female vocalist and guitarist Ayu Okakita, keyboardist and guitarist Chris Amblin, keyboardist and guitarist Matt Parker) blended laptop glitchy arrangements, irregular post-hop beats and dreamy trip-hop ambience on the mini-album Condors (On The Shelf, 2009), a collection of "songs" that were not quite free-form but certainly non-narrative. Okakita's Bjork-ian wails are hardly a plus on the mellow pop-soul ballad Apples & Pears. It's when she shuts up that the music truly soars, like in the energetic, quasi-industrial Scattered.

In A Dim Light (Monotreme, 2012) was a longer (meaning "more filler") version of the same album. On one hand fragile romantic melodies like Violaceae, and on the other hand eccentric rhythmic instrumentals like Havana Nights (on which the singer only breathes and moans).

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