Neon Indian

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Psychic Chasms (2009) , 6.5/10
Era Extrana (2011), 6/10

Austin's Neon Indian, the brainchild of electronic composer Alan Palomo, crafted retro-psychedelic synth-pop littered with all sorts of sound effects on Psychic Chasms (Lefse, 2009). The deranged bubblegum pop Terminally Chill, imbued with dissonance and found sounds, was the archetype of Palomo's songs, that could occasionally steer closer to mainstream power-pop (notably in 6669), but mostly sounded like a sendup of pop muzak. Deadbeat Summer is a parody of the Beatles with a plastic beat a` la Love Of Life Orchestra, and the synth makes fun of the catchy refrain of Should Have Taken Acid With You. Mind Drips sounds like a defanged remix of the Pet Shop Boys. His "dirty" electronic arrangements make a point of ruining sweet danceable ballads such as Local Joke. However for Ephemeral Artery one can almost say the opposite: the melody ruins the industrial nightmare created by the keyboards.

The more artificial Era Extrana (2011) ends up sounding also more personal because the artist does not even remotely try to please the ears of his listeners. The standard coldwave elegy Polish Girl pales in comparison with the lavish quasi-cacophony of Future Sick, Suns Irrupt and Hex Girlfriend.

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