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Oophoi (prolific Italian composer Gianluigi Gasparetti) became one of the world's most distinguished sculptors of "dark ambient" music for analog synthesizer with Three Lights at the End of the World (1996), notably the 49-minute three-movement suite Space Forest, the live double-disc album The Spirals of Time (1998) the 67-minute piece of Behind The Wall Of Sleep (1998), inspired by the Egyptian "Book of the Dead", the live 66-minute performance of Upuaut (1999), the four-part suite Bardo (2002).

He also released: Night Currents (1998), with the 28-minute Floating, Wouivre (1999), The Rustling Of Leaves (2003), with High Winds White Sky,

The double-disc Dreams (2004) contains the three-part 22-minute The Distant Cry Of Liquid Webs, the 20-minute Mysterious Lifeforms Explore An Inland Sea, Whispering Fireflies At The Edge Of The Night (22:33), A Single Perfect Sphere Beyond The Curved Horizon (21:51), A Flock Of Butterflies Descends In A Zen Garden (21:45), Endless Waiting At The Gates Of Forever (22:04).

He began creating longer and longer pieces of droning music. Amnios (2006) contained two lengthy suites: the 29-minute Liquos and the 41-minute Aquos. The triple-disc Signals From The Great Beyond (2006) delivered colossal compositions such as Neteru (47:14) and Night Of The Ant (36:58).

In 2002 Gasparetti had also founded the ambient supergroup Nebula with Klaus Wiese, Mauro Malgrande, Lorenzo Pierobon and Tau Ceti. I Hear The Water Dreaming (2005) was a collaboration with Louisa John Krol. The Sacred Orbit (2005) was a collaboration with Lunar Excursion Module. Celestial Geometries: The Complete Recordings (2006) was a collaboration with Tau Ceti. Cherua (2006) was a collaboration with Klaus Wiese. Nocturnes (2006) was a collaboration with Paradin (Ben Fleury-Steiner). Forgotten Rituals (2007) was a collaboration with Andrey Faryus.

The 65-minute An Aerial View was one uninterrupted drone of "white" ambient music.

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