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Panopticon (the project of Tennessee's Austin Lunn) offered a dynamic mix of pagan folk and black metal on Panopticon (2008), an idea refined on Collapse (Flenser, 2009), especially the morphing 16-minute The Death Of Baldr And The Coming War. The problem with On The Subject Of Mortality (Flenser, 2011), originally released as two split LPs, is that Lunn's lengthy ruminations tend to sound very similar to each other.

Social Disservices (The Flenser, 2011), especially Client and the 20-minute Patient, is representative of both his imagination and his self-indulgence.

Kentucky (2012)

For Winter Fire (Flenser, 2011), credited to Seidr, was basically a collaboration between Panopticon and Wheels Within Wheels.

Three more Panopticon pieces surfaced on the split album Skagos/ Panopticon (Flenser, 2010) with Canadian duo Skagos.

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