Pan Tone
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Newfound Urban Calm (2004), 6/10 Links:

Pan Tone (the project of German-based Canadian-born post-techno composer Sheldon Sidney LeRock) is devoted to skeletal but nonetheless danceable electronic music. Newfound Urban Calm (Bip-Hop, 2004) is a structured as a crescendo of sort, from basic percussive music to almost symphonic neurosis. It opens with Sans Adore, a percussive crescendo that builds up layers of industrial-style metronomes until it coalesces into a mechanical form of Brazilian polyrhythm. Get Off My Charlie Pride Pride opts for fatter timbres (a` la Moroder) and more complex patterns. No Pecas Por Favor juxtaposes the looping undercurrent of ambient keyboards to frantic castanet-like clicking. Melodic activity surfaces in the second half of Zut Alore Je Vous Adore only to disappear in the dull repetition of Fantastique Fantazy Pants. After the brief Nil Lights, that harks back to synth-pop of the 1980s, all the elements juggled around by LeRock finally converge in a solid synthesis with the ten-minute syncopated collage of Urban Calm, that assembles vocal fragments and metallic noises into a futuristic ballet. But the album ends with a series of brief retro tracks such as Radio Dispatch and Dirty Days that neutralize the innovative style of the first tracks. The remix CD that comes with the CD of original compositions is as disposable as most remix CDs. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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