Papa Roach

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Infest (2000) , 6/10
Getting Away With Murder (2004), 4/10
Metamorphosis (2009), 4/10
Time for Annihilation (2010), 4/10

Papa Roach is a rap-metal band hailing from a California town halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. They debuted with the album Old Friends From Young Years and the Eps Five Tracks Deep and Let 'Em Know, but turned professional in earnest with Infest (Dreamworks, 2000). Vocalist Jacoby Shaddix ("Coby Dick") vents his acute teen angst over a solid wall of rhythm and guitars. The old material (the album reprises Revenge, Throw Away, Snakes, Legacy) and the best of the new material (Dead Cell, Blood Brothers) show no stylistic gaps, which proves a fundamental unity of purpose.

Lovehatetragedy (Dreamworks, 2002) has Walking Through Barbed Wire but fails to add something new to a canon that is among the most abused of the year.

At best, Getting Away With Murder (Geffen, 2004) offers the kind of melodic hard-rock that was popular in the 1970s.

Metamorphosis (Geffen, 2009) continued the decline.

Time for Annihilation: On the Record and on the Road (2010) contains mostly live songs.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Daniele Meneghel)

I Papa Roach sono una rap-metal band proveniente da una città della California a metà strada tra San Francisco e Sacramento. Hanno debuttato con l'album Old Friends From Young Years e gli Ep Five Tracks Deep e Let 'Em Know, ma divennero davvero professionali con Infest (Dreamworks,2000). Il cantante Jacoby Shaddix ("Coby Dick") sfoga la sua acuta rabbia giovanile sopra un solido muro di ritmo e chitarre. Il vecchio materiale (l'album riprende Revenge, Throw Away, Snakes, Legacy) e il meglio del materiale nuovo (Dead Cell, Blood Brothers) non mostrano lacune stilistiche, il che prova una fondamentale unità di intenti.

Lovehatetragedy (Dreamworks, 2002) include Walking Through Barbed Wire ma manca di aggiungere quel qualcosa di nuovo ad un canone che è tra i più abusati dell'anno.

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