Sandro Perri

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Toronto's electronic musician Sandro Perri began his musical career disguised under the moniker Polmo Polpo. The early EPs of progressive and ambient techno were compiled on The Science of Breath (2002). The sophistication of his productions peaked on Like Hearts Swelling (2003) with Romeo Heart (7:55), Requiem for a Fox (11:04), Sky Histoire (13:10) and Like Hearts Swelling (9:40) that fused minimal techno with cello melodies.

Beginning a new career under his real name with Tiny Mirrors (2007), Perri adopted live instruments and vocals, in other words the aesthetic of singer-songwriters. He became famous for a 28-minute cover of Arthur Russell's Kiss Me Again. Impossible Spaces (2011) was even more ambitious and eclectic, bordering on post-rock. And, whatever the merits of his compositions, Perri remained a skilled artisan of the cover.

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