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The Chain Gang of Love (2003), 6.5/10
Pretty In Black (2005), 5/10
Lust Lust Lust (2008), 6/10
In And Out Of Control (2009), 5.5/10
Raven In The Grave (2011), 5/10
Observator (2012), 5/10

Raveonettes are a Danish duo (guitarist Sune Rose Wagner and bassist Sharin Foo) who had a simple idea: play noise-rock of the 1990s with the attitude of the Sixties (with no live drums and no guitar amplifiers). The EP Whip It On (2002) was too serious for such a limited idea, but well documented their fixation with Jesus And Mary Chain and the Velvet Underground. but the album The Chain Gang of Love (2003) correctly focused on a more playful tone that yielded easy refrains, no matter how derivative (That Great Love Sound).

These kind of jokes are hard to repeat without getting boring, and Pretty In Black (2005) proved it true also in this case, a much more nostalgic and accessible work.

Having failed to establish themselves as pop stars, they wisely returned to the noise-rock of their first EP on Lust Lust Lust (Vice, 2008), containing better melodic rave-ups such as Aly Walk With Me and You Want the Candy, drenched in fuzz and distortion.

In And Out Of Control (Vice, 2009) was an even more straightforward (but mostly faceless) power-pop album (Bang). Ditto for the largely uneventful Raven In The Grave (Vice, 2011), haunted by distinctive echoes of the Brit-pop sound of the 1980s in songs such as Ignite (but without the catchy hook of, say, Modern English's Melt with You).

Observator (Vice, 2012) boasts at least Young And Cold, that evokes the sunny California sound of the 1960s (Mamas & Papas and the likes), but mostly sinks with the trite atmospheric pop of ballads such as The Enemy, despite the dreamy overtones of Curse The Night.

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