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Boston's vocalist Gillian Welch launched a personal revival of old-time music (steeped into country, bluegrass and Appalachian music) with Revival (1996) and Hell Among the Yearlings (1998), two albums co-composed with Dave Rawlings who also provides the only "arrangement" on vintage guitar. Their nostalgic art peaked with the almost mystical trancey elegies of Time (2001). After the terrible Soul Journey (2003), with electric guitar and a real band, the duo was silent for a while. The guitarist debuted solo with A Friend Of A Friend (2009), credited to Dave Rawlings Machine.

The duo finally returned to the spartan acoustic format on The Harrow and the Harvest (2011), a downbeat, intimate, emotionally rich work that ideally harked back to their first album and back in time to the early age of recording.

The Dave Rawlings Machine returned with the aptly titled Nashville Obsolete (2015).

Poor David's Almanack (2017) was the first album credited to Dave Rawlings alone.

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