Arnaud Rebotini

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Black Strobe: Burn Your Own Church (2007), 4/10
Music Components (2008), 6/10

French producer Arnaud Rebotini was the brainwhild behind goth-dance duo Black Strobe that concocted the laptop-based industrial-house-electro fusion of Burn Your Own Church (2007), containing the single Shining Bright Star.

Rebotini then reneged on that genre and reached back for vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines to improvise the jams of Music Components (Citizen, 2008). The labyrinthine propulsive energy of 1314 is the best reminder of how powerful the dance music of the 1970s could be. The Swamp Waltz harks back to the spontaneous effervescence of instrumental disco-music. The ten-minute Conakry Filter Sweep does not share the same uplifting mood: on the contrary, it sounds like a concentrate of neurosis and fear, sometimes bordering on cacophony. Even more disturbing is the eleven-minute Mnll, a subliminal exploration of a desperate subconscious that could be the soundtrack for a film noir. The skipping bouncy beat of 777 has an evil, menacing quality. The stubborn galvanizing cycles of Cm break down into more and more syncopated grooves, another omen of existential angst lying under the childish surface.

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