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Barbados-born Rihanna (Fenty) debuted with Music Of The Sun (2005) and its feverishly booming rigmarole Pon De Replay, but became a superstar with SOS (2006), that sampled the Soft Cell's Tainted Love, Don't Stop the Music (2007), a techno ditty that sampled Soul Makossa, and the pop-hop ballad Umbrella (2007), that became her biggest hit.

Speculating on her private life, Rated R (2009) attempted a self-portrait as a young angry girl. Her lyrics adopted the tone (and the class) of a street girl, while injecting doses of punk-rock, hip-hop, and power-pop into her techno-soul blend. Wait Your Turn and Hard were the singles. Rude Boy was the first major hit penned by Ester Dean.

Loud (2010) contains her most exuberant dance songs yet, reminiscent of the disco and house eras: Only Girl and especially S&M, produced by Stargate and Sandy Vee; but also another Ester Dean-pened pop-hop ballad, What's My Name.

Talk That Talk (2011) contains Calvin Harris' We Found Love and Ester Dean's Where Have You Been.

Sia Furler's Diamonds, off Unapologetic (2012), became her 12th number-one single in the USA, making her the fourth most successful musician of all times in the USA after Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and the Beatles.

FourFiveSeconds (2015), featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney, was the first single off Anti (2016). By then Rihanna had become the first musician to sell more than l00 million gold and platinum songs (but most of them in digital download format). Another smash hit, Work, was a collaboration with Drake. The album was actually less commercial than the previous ones, and Rihanna made a honest effort to write poignant lyrics; but a composer she is not.

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