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RJD2, the project of Ohio-based hip-hop producer Ramble Jon Krohn, used a technique similar to DJ Shadow's and turned Deadringer (Def Jux, 2002) into a tour de force of cinematic collages of samples and wicked stuttering beats, animated by guest rappers (The Horror), dilating and deforming Sixties soundtracks, smooth jazz, soul themes, gloomy atmospheres.

The double-disc The Horror (Definitive Jux, 2003) is a remix album.

Since We Last Spoke (Def Jux, 2004) virtually abandoned rap music (no gues rappers), crafting a stylistic survey of the Sixties and Seventies. A lot less sonically confrontational, it focused on recreating the sound of an era (or several eras). Instead of bypassing the conventional song format, it uses it as the launching pad for his production experiments.

The Third Hand (2007) is an "experiment" of pop music (live instruments and vocals), that is only occasionally engaging (Have Mercy)..

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