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RM74, the project of Swiss composer Mader after experimented computer-generated guitar music with Siddharta (later renamed Dodge), produced impressionistic electroacoustic soundscapes for a multitude of electrical, electronic and acoustic instruments on Mikrosport (2000), Instabil (2003), Exkursion (2005), Fireproof In 8 Parts + Part 9 (2007), Reflex (Utech, 2010).

Mader also plays in Ural Umbo, Sum of R, and Pendulum Nisum. Pendulum Nisum is the duo of Reto Mader and Mike Reber.

The droning music for chamber instruments and electronics of Ural Umbo (Utech, 2010), a duo with and Steven Hess of Haptic, was given follow-ups on Delusion Of Hope (Utech, 2011) and Fog Tapes (Hinterzimmer, 2011).

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