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A Madonna-wannabe, Swedish pop star Robyn Carlsson debuted still a teenager with Robyn Is Here (1997), containing the hits Do You Know and Show Me Love (not the Show Me Love of Robin S), both recorded two years earlier and composed by producer Max Martin. The obnoxious My Truth (1999), that was meant as her "artistic" statement, spawned Electric (by by Ulf Lindstrom and Johan Ekhe). She hit bottom with Don't Stop the Music (2002), an aimless collection if there ever was one. However, her career was resurrected by Robyn (Konichiwa, 2005), that contained Be Mine and With Every Heartbeat. The album was reissued as Robyn (Cherrytree, 2008) and launched worldwide amid much fanfare, but her soundscapes derived from synth-pop and hip hop (and architected by Klas Ahlund, not by her) sounded terribly old-fashioned. She impersonated the quintessential pop star, producing very hyped bad music.

Body Talk Pt 1 (2010) was the first installment in a trilogy that paid tribute to the era of techno and house music, followed by Body Talk Pt 2 (2010). Body Talk (2010) was an odd compilation of these two parts plus some new songs.

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