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Roitan (2004) , 6.5/10

Roitan, formed in Mississippi and fronted by vocalist Roy Jeff Lee, debuted with Roitan (Bulb, 2004) in the breakneck garage-rock style of the Dirtbombs. The gloriously chaotic voodoobilly of Riverboat, the carpet-bombing MC5/Stooges rock'n'roll of Allbacks, the hysterical cannibal dance of The Way Puppets Walk, the Ramones-on-speed hardcore rigmarole of Snake Farm, Pearl Green (which could be the sloppies imitation of the Rolling Stones since the originals), the torrential dementia of Foot of the Camel, can rank with the classics of the genre. Replete with distorted vocals, lava-hot riffs and steady drumming, Roitan enters the pantheon of modern garage-rock. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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