Shawn Lee

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Relocated to London, Kansas' multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee crafted the electronic soul-jazz ballads of Monkey Boy (2000). His soundtrack music was collected on Music and Rhythm (2004), the first album credited to the Ping Pong Orchestra, that sampled and reinvented styles from all over the world, Moods and Grooves (2005) and Strings and Things (2006). The baroque ethnic pop of Soul Visa (2004), Voices and Choices (2007), featuring three guest vocalists, and Miles of Styles (2008) drew inspiration from virtually every genre ever invented.

Clutch of the Tiger (2008) and Fascinating Fingers (2009) were collaborations with mysterious (and perhaps fictitious) producer Clutchy Hopkins. Lee indulged in excessive arrangements for the sake of shocking the listener's cognitive system and each album felt like one long ambient soundtrack with jazzy overtones.

Soul in the Hole (2009) was a tribute of sorts to soul music, featuring several guest vocalists.

He played dozens of ethnic instruments on World of Funk (2011), credited to the Ping Pong Orchestra, perhaps his most complex work yet.

Celestial Electric (2011) was a mellow soul-pop collaboration with singer-songwriter AM.

Unfortunately most of his music is a tour de force of arrangement but with little or no inspiration.

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