Solar Bears

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She Was Coloured In (2010), 6/10

The Irish duo Solar Bears crafted the trancey electronic dance music of the EP Inner Sunshine (Planet Mu, 2010) and the full length She Was Coloured In (Planet Mu, 2010) The album has many egos. The dance ego is well represented by the somewhat menacing instrumental Forest Of Fountains, by the gentle singsong of Children Of The Times over a mellow funk beat (the rare vocal track), and by the psychological disco-music of The Quiet Planet. The standout, Neon Colony, conceals a mildly anthemic and quasi-liturgical hymn.
However, Twin Stars is more atmospheric (as in a Morricone soundtrack) than danceable (with a coda of minimalist repetition and interference), and the fluttering guitar melody of She Was Coloured In harks back to instrumental rock of the 1960s. The sparkling psychedelic vignette Crystalline (Be Again) evokes Brian Eno's early songs and the angelic flute tune of Cub borders on new-age music. Even stranger is Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind at the confluence of funk guitar and exotic synth. The fusion of dance, pop, new age and ambient elements yields the complex simplicity of Dolls. The painstakingly assembled arrangements make up for the relatively trivial melodies, but, in general, there isn't enough depth to sustain interest. This is highly intelligent background muzak, but, ultimately, just background music.
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