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SourceCodeX is the brainchild of North Carolina's guitarist and digital composer John Patterson He created entirely on a computer the music for Codex Hypnos (2004), that sounds like the ambient cosmic industrial droning symphony by a brooding soundsculptor. Each movement is a slowly-evolving organism. The 16-minute Dark Star Voids runs the gamut from massive tone clusters to galactic whispers. The 12-minute Arrival and Flyby indulges in surreal distorted crescendos. The gothic 14-minute Nazgul Caves is wrapped in gasty winds, ghostly hisses and deformed voices. Inner World Stop Time sounds like a requiem for a neurotic psyche. The psychological depth of these pieces sets them apart from traditional electronic ambient music.

The atmospheric side of things prevails on Primordial Lands Arise (2007). Most of the pieces increase the psychological tension of the debut album, with whispers becoming rumbles and alienation becoming claustrophobia, reaching a mournful peak in HellDreamVimana and VainTraditionsAbyss.

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