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Projekt Nihil (2003), 7.5/10 (mini)
Projekt Terror (2004), 6.5/10 (mini)
Stalaggh: Nihilistik Terrror (2006) , 7.5/10 (compilation)
Projekt Misanthropia (2007), 6/10 (mini)
Pure Misanthropia (2008), 5/10
Gulaggh: Vorkuta (2008) , 6/10

Dutch combo Stalaggh added the delirious vocals of mental patients and a suidical murderer to the harrowing industrial noise of Nihilistik Terrror (Autopsy Kitchen, 2006), that includes two 34-minute pieces originally released on mini-albums. Projekt Nihil (New Era Productions, 2003) piles up waves and waves of thick, ear-splitting lava-like feedback and hellish screams, a close cousin to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. After 20 minutes of extreme cacophony the music launches into a further, orgasmic crescendo of ferocity, that further pulverizes any notion of "music". The band then understood that the voices alone could provide most of the terror and focused Projekt Terror (Total Holocaust, 2004) on the screaming and wailing, with the distortion providing the background; basically, inverting the equation of the first mini-album. Nonetheless, the noise and the voices quickly become just one steady flow of jarring distortions.

The 35-minute piece of Projekt Misanthropia (Autopsy Kitchen, 2007), that completed the trilogy, felt less frenzied and more solemn, although the fundamental technique remained the same. That noise, however, was conceived and recorded separately by Osman Arabi, and then edited down to 35 minutes by Stalaggh and mixed with the voices of the mental patients. The 45-minute piece of Pure Misanthropia (New Era Productions, 2008) uses the full Arabi track but remixed by Stalaggh in a much less terrofying manner, occasionally goofy in the way it tries to sound gothic.

Reformed as Gulaggh, the same combo re-debuted with the 45-minute piece of Vorkuta (New Era Productions, 2008). Unfortunately, it takes about 20 minutes for the voices to coalesce into a serious composition. The piece morphs into a loose noise-jazz jam from which the voices emerge like a Hitchcock-ian flock of murderous birds. That display of horror continues until the 42nd minute.

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