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Love Is Here (2001) , 6/10
Silence Is Easy (2004), 4/10
All The Plans (2009)< 4/10

James Walsh's Starsailor were the British "next big thing" of the beginning of 2001, thanks to the singles Fever (2001) and Good Souls (2001), which proved that Brit-pop was alive (although not well). The languid ballads of Love Is Here (EMI, 2001), relying on Barry Westhead's keyboards more than Walsh's voice (Alcoholic, Tie Up My Hands) told the truth about the band's mediocre aestethics of monotonous melancholy.

Silence Is Easy (EMI, 2004) was even worse: a total lack of imagination and/or musical skills. Even by the very low standards of the British "next big things", Starsailor are simply awful.

All The Plans (101, 2009) was another massive disappointment.

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