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Belgium's Arne van Petegem abandoned the guitar-based space-rock experiment of Tin Foil Star's Too Late Then Too Late Now (Noise Museum, 1999) to focus on Styrofoam, a laptop-based project devoted to abrasive and distorted electronic pop, bordering on Autechre's glitch aesthetics, that debuted with the instrumental album The Point Misser (Morr, 2000), highlighted by acid pieces such as Heaven Is Burning and Psychic Friends Network, and the vocal album A Short Album About Murder (Morr, 2001), a melodic excursion rich in ambience. The romantic aspects of the latter were further refined on the vocal tunes of I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing (Morr, 2003), and of Nothing's Lost (Morr, 2004), and its crowded cast of guest musicians, a better produced and more accessible collection of dance-pop numbers that borrowed rhythms from downtempo, hip-hop, etc. Misguided (with Notwist's Marcus Archer and rapping by Alias) (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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