Tahiti 80
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Puzzle (2000), 6/10
Wallpaper For The Soul (2002), 5/10
Fosbury (2005), 4/10

Tahiti 80, a French quartet (Xavier Boyer on vocals, Mederic Gontier on guitar, Sylvain Marchand on drums, Pedro Resende on bass, and all of them sharing keyboards duties) that specializes in Sixties-style psychedelic-pop, debuted with Puzzle (2000), a parade of charming ditties reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, Tomorrow, Kinks, Beach Boys, Monkees: Heartbeat, Made First, Revolution 80, Yellow Butterfly.

Wallpaper For The Soul (2002) emphasized the rhythm, but ultimately retained the same happy-go-lucky philosophy (1000 Times, Happy End and the orchestral Soul Deep).

Tahiti 80 opted decisively for the dance clubs with Fosbury (2005), produced by veterans of dance music (Changes).

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