Toro y Moi

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South Carolina's producer Toro y Moi (Chazwick Bundick) debuted with singles such as 109 (2009) and Sad Sams (2009) in the vein of the chillwave (Neon Indian, Memory Tapes) and of the synth-pop revival in general, a passion confirmed by the cassette Body Angles (2009) and the album Causers Of This (2010), containing Thanks Vision, Blessa, Low Shoulder and the propulsive Lissoms. His dynamic production borrowed a page or two from the manuals of glitch and Flying Lotus-era hip-hop.

Underneath the Pine (2011) was less derivative of the 1980s and a bit more versatile, ranging from the dissonant Good Hold to the catchy Elise and to the muzak of How I Know , via the standard chillwave singles New Beat and especially Still Sound.

The mellow funk-soul ballads of the EP Freaking Out (2011) sounded like a digital version of Prince.

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