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England's Urthona, the project of Neil Mortimer, debuted with the three long instrumental jams of I Refute It Thus (Head Heritage, 2008) that ran the gamut from garage-rock to ambient drones to free-form noise. Amid Devonia's Alps (Further, 2009) had a pastoral theme (because it mixed field recordings) but the three colossal jams (Urthona's Barbaric Yawp Sounds Over The Roofs Of The World, The Waters Of The Fen Have Brought Forth Flowers, Born Psychedelic) continued to offer unrelenting guitar mayhem.

Murmurations (Further, 2010), a collaboration with the Asterism, contains the 20-minute Murmurations and the 24-minute River Severn Bore.

The Asterism also featured on the 48-minute piece of Urthona 3 - Super-Heavy Hamoazian Reverie (Further, 2011), the first album with prominent percussion instruments.

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