Tom Vedvik
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Slowdiver (Higher Octave, 1996)
Sutra Spin (Higher Octave, 1997)

Tom Vedvik is a Norwegian synthesist whose compositions weave together electronics, acoustic instruments, dance beats and samples.

Slowdiver (Higher Octave, 1996) collects lengthy pieces that straddle the border between hedonism and spirituality. The 17-minute Invisible Landscape acts as the manifesto of Vedvik's fusion of ambient jazz, exotic dance-music and melodic fantasy. The 13-minute Adagio gives the concept a neoclassical twist. The 21-minute Clocks Don't Bring Tomorrow chooses the "ambient" side of the equation and, disposed of electronic and ethnic beats, focuses on the dreamy atmosphere.

Sutra Spin (Higher Octave, 1997) contains the syncopated polyrhythm of Screen Gem, the aquatic melody of Sargasso, the exotic vignette of At The Oasis, the ambient psychedelia of Ney Deep, the frantic transglobal dance of High Frontier, the Indian and jazzy fanfare Trance Detectives (perhaps the standout) and its ambitions peak with the ethnic fantasy Kiirtan.

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