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OK Cowboy (2005) , 6.5/10
Flashmob (2009), 6/10
Rave Age (2012), 4/10
Voyager (2017), 4/10

French dj Pascal "Vitalic" Arbez concocted a brand of electroclash reminiscent of the heydays of acid house and "Madchester", and influenced by Giorgio Moroder's classic disco-music in his early singles: the hyper-thumping polyrhythmic distorted La Rock 01 (2001), entangled in metallic android tinkling noise, the catchy and galactic Poney Part 1 (2001), and Poney Part 2 (2001), basically a remix with (anguished) vocals.

They were mostly collected on his debut album, OK Cowboy (Pias, 2005). Polkamatic is what the title implies: a robotic polka instrumental, reminiscent of early synth-pop novelties. The same polka concept is turned into the panzer beat of Newman, the most propulsive of the new tracks. The demented My Friend Dario (with vocals) (one of his most inspired creations) bridges hard rock and Slavic folk on the dancefloor. The rock influence shows again in Wooo, shaped by an organ that could be from a soul-rock band of the 1960s. The rest is worth a lot less, but still entertains with the cubistic ballet No Fun, the abrasive Repair Machines and a couple of childish games (U And I, Valletta Fanfares).

Flashmob (2009) was another romp of vintage-sounding dance novelties. The hard-rocking and distorted See The Sea (Red) and the psychedelic and symphonic Station Mir 2099 maintain a high level of adrenaline matching the debut. Poison Lips is even better, thanks to a prodigious fusion of trotting beat, sweet female vocals a` la Diana Ross' I Feel Love and cosmic drones Flashmob, however, tries a bit too hard to shake the dancefloor. and too many tracks lack imagination (Chicken Lady borrows the "melody" of Trio's Da Da Da).

Rave Age (2012) and Voyager (2017), whose Sweet Cigarette sounds like the Normal's Warm Leatherette and Lightspeed sounds like a remix of Lipps Inc's Funky Town, were very minor albums.

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