Will Over Matter

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Will Over Matter: 9 To The Moon (2009) , 6/10
Will Over Matter: Might Of The Planet Eater (2010) , 6.5/10
Will Over Matter: Lust For Knowledge (2011) , 5/10

Finnish duo Ride For Revenge quickly transitioned from the black-metal bullets of King Of Snakes (Bestial Burst, 2007) to the the longer and crazier jams of Wisdom Of The Few (2009) to the electronic nightmares of Under The Eye (Bestial Burst, 2011).

Will Over Matter, the solo project of Ride For Revenge's Sami Kettunen, who in that band went by the moniker Harald Mentor, devoted his debute 9 To The Moon (Bestial Burst, 2009) to power-electronics. Will Over Matter's double-disc Might Of The Planet Eater (Bestial Burst, 2010) contained several juggernauts of white noise blending the aesthetics of Throbbing Gristle's industrial music and Pan Sonic's glitch music. The 20-minute Bound By The Darkest Glory unleashes a colossal modulated quasi-melodic glissando like a superhuman Jimi Hendrix solo. The 24-minute Stone Cold Heart ups the ante with a ferocious electronic tone creating a haunting, claustrophobic atmosphere. The 17-minute carpet bombing of electronic dissonances Pimeyden Ytimesta and the 19-minute pulsing industrial magma of The Gateway sound like templates for different albums. The shorter compositions too run the gamut from the android black-metal wardance Read The Signs to the skeletal dub blues litany Superficial Solutions Collapse, from the distorted frenzied musique concrete of Hunt Down The Prey to the slow spectral kammerspiel of Led By Instincts Alone. Will Over Matter's Lust For Knowledge (Freak Animal, 2011) still contained the 12-minute The Enemy Collector but the impact was not comparable with its predecessor.

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