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Liminal Space (2003), 7/10 Links:

Xanopticon, the project of San Francisco's producer Ryan Friedrich, indulged in harsh and violent breakcore on the exhilarating instrumental album Liminal Space (2003). The acrobatic disjointed post-industrial cacophony of Constant and Clii, the carpet bombings of These Days and Drunxpla, the abrasive and gothic Indec, the clownish and viscuous The Slow Walk Down and dizzying mayhem of seven-minute Capacitd evoke a post-apocalyptic landscape of disheveled machines and crippled (or disintegrated) humans. He still released two major EPs, both built around the same method of chaotic assemblage of microscopic detritus: Psicicite (2006), with the eight-minute Bedowra (the perfect soundtrack for a training boxer) and the eight-minute Broken Eye Teeth (a wild cybernetic gallop), and The Silver Key (2007), with the nine-minute Lockjaw, a more cerebral experience. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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