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Tomorrow Never Comes (2002), 6.5/10
I Am Not Shinzo Abe (2018), 6/10

Xinlisupreme, the solo project of Japanese guitarist Yasumi Okano, penned the twisted noisy guitarscapes of Tomorrow Never Comes (Fat Car, 2002). He pays tribute with punk hysteria to the age of surf-rock in Kyoro, where the gallopping guitar theme is buried under layers of abrasive distortion, somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and the Raybeats. Mostly, the music is wrapped in a dense fog of distortion, whether in the industrial terror of Symmetry or the manic tribal rhythm of Under a Clown (scarred by piano dissonance). The eight-minute All You Need Is Love Was Not True is a threnody that sounds like a spoken-word version of Suicide with outbursts of My Bloody Valentine's distorted melodies. You Died in the Sea is a seven-minute industrial dance that harkens back to the age of Cabaret Voltaire and SPK. The 12-minute sound collage Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella mixes an evocative cinematic song with urban noise and the music of a county fair. The album ends with the disjointed, deconstructed Japanese folk tune Nameless Song. The album is an exercise in transplanting melodic music of various strains into Japanese noise-core.

The project seemed to disappear after the mini-album Murder License (2002), ostensibly a pacifist concept.

He returned from retirement with the protest political concept of I Am Not Shinzo Abe (2018).

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