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English guitarist Yellow6 (Jon Attwood) dabbled in bedroom guitar-based post-rock, ambient music and space-rock that referenced both Labradford and Bark Psychosis on the EP Icanhearthemusicallaroundme (1999), Catherine Whiskey 18 (2000), including the 20-minute Leitmotiv #5, Overtone (2000), his artistic peak, Lake:Desert (2001), Music For Pleasure (2001).

The prolific Attwood also released: New Found Land (2002), Disappear Here (2003), Melt Inside (2005), on which he sang, Painted Sky (2007), the double-disc When The Leaves Fall Like Snow (Make Mine Music, 2008) and its leftovers collected on STHLM (2008).

The three-CD set The Beautiful Season Has Past (2006) was a career retrospective.

Close/r (Editions6, 2010) contains three lengthy compositions that were edited in studio after remote collaborations with friends. The double-disc Cut (Editions6, 2010) is a confused hodge-podge of ideas, none of which truly succeeds, none of which is original. He also released more than 14 recordings in the series titled "Merry6mas", his version of Christmas music. Y6XV (2013) contains Y6XV, notable for more dynamic variation than usual.

Closer To The Sea Without Moving (Silber, 2014) contains the impressionistic suite Closer to the Sea in five movements.

Reflect (2019) contains more than five hours of new music.

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