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Oregon's YOB after the tentative Elaborations Of Carbon (12th Records, 2002), delivered a mature example of super-slow doom-metal with the three juggernauts of Catharsis (Abstract, 2003). One can hear the temptation of stoner-rock on parts of The Illusion Of Motion (Metal Blade, 2004) and The Unreal Never Lived (Metal Blade, 2005).

After the band split, Yob's Mike Scheidt formed Middian that continued the mission of Yob with Age Eternal (Metal Blade, 2007).

Scheidt and drummer Travis Foster reformed Yob with new bassist Aaron Reiseberg and released The Great Cessation (Profound Lore, 2009) and Atma (20 Buck Spin, 2011).

Before YOB there were HC Minds, and they returned after a six-year hiatus with The Beginning Of The End (Blind Date, 2011).

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