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Reinhold Friedl's brainchild Zeitkratzer was a Berlin-based project to revisit contemporary composers by having a chamber orchestra perform their works, starting with SoundinX (2000). For example, Super-Superbonus (2002) performed music by Terre Thaemlitz. They even redid Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music for a string orchestra (2007). And then Alvin Lucier, John Cage, James Tenney, Karlheinz Stockhausen, etc. Grand Orchestra (2013) for orchestra and bagpipes was finally a Reinhold Friedl composition.

Reinhold Friedl also recorded the solo piano album Inside Piano (2011) in which he experiments with all sorts of unorthodox techniques.

The project actually debuted with Xtensions (2000) that contains Tromper (14:02), Sprachlos (18:26), Rote Erde (12:07), After Durations II (10:03).

Zeitkratzer recorded instrumental interpretations of music by Alvin Lucier (2010), John Cage (2010), Whitehouse (2010 and also live in 2014), Karlheinz Stockhausen (2011), Kraftwerk (2017), Kasper Toeplitz (2018), etc.

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