21 Savage

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Issa Album (2017), 4/10
Without Warning (2017), 6.5/10
I Am > I Was (2018), 5/10
Savage Mode II (2020), 6/10

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21 Savage (Atlanta's rapper and street thug Sheyaa Joseph) debuted with the mixtape The Slaughter Tape (2015), containing horror stories such as Slaughter Ya Daughter, and the EP Savage Mode (2016), produced by Leland "Metro Boomin" Wayne, containing the popular singles X and No Heart.

Issa Album (2017), mostly produced by Metro Boomin (notably the single Bank Account), but also by Zaytoven (Famous, Nothing New), Southside (Bad Business, Dead People), Pierre Bourne (Baby Girl), DJ Mustard (Face Time), and Wesley "Wheezy" Glass (Special), was a concentrate of trap stereotypes with simplistic lyrics and sleepy delivery, culminating (or, better, bottoming) with 7 Min Freestyle (which is what its title implies).

The 33-minute Without Warning (2017) was a collaboration with fellow rapper Kiari "Offset" Cephus of Migos (as emotional and energetic as 21 Savage is cold and anemic), all wrapped by Metro Boomin in gothic atmosphere replete with kitsh-y effects to sound like a trap soundtrack for a horror B-movie, especially Ric Flair Drip and Ghostface Killers.

I Am > I Was (2018), which stands for "I am greater than I was", was instead produced by a variety of producers. The sound is therefore varied but his monotonous and drugged delivery often defang his gangsta rap (best perhaps Gun Smoke).

Savage Mode II (2020) was another collaboration with Metro Boomin that contains Mr Right Now (partially ruined by the ever whining Drake) and Rich N**** Shit, a collaboration with Young Thug and Sheyaa "21" Abraham-Joseph, but perhaps the best beat is to be found in Snitches & Rats.

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