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A Place Where Mountains Hide (2019), 6/10
Blood Rushing Like Current Through a Powerline (2021), 6/10
What Do You Want (2022), 7/10

Skye Kothari launched the project Acloudyskye from New York and, after a deluge of instrumental atmospheric glitchy electronica, notably Parting Gift (2018) and Vanishing Point (2018), began to move towards more accessible songs on the nine-song album A Place Where Mountains Hide (2019), still mostly instrumental, but with melodic peaks such as Riverside, occasionally bordering on new-age music and vaporwave despite bursts of neurosis like in the abrasive drum'n'bass of Nosedive.

Melodic electronic pop songs became the norm on Blood Rushing Like Current Through a Powerline (2021), notably Empty Space, emblematic of how Kothari incorporates ambient and dance elements, and the percussive and magniloquent Heliov.

The vocals became more prominent on What Do You Want (2022), with Kothari sounding like a bucolic singer-songwriting torn between synth-pop and noise-rock. Curse begins as an ambient orchestral and choral overture but turns into a dream-pop litany. Dive is emblematic of the balancing act that juggles electronic beats and acoustic passages, while the challenging chaos of Overthrower is a reminder of his more introverted beginnings. The 13-minute Thief is a neoclassical chamber piece turned into a melancholy pop song. The ten-minute Safety is a suite-collage that alternates symphonic pomp, musique concrete, tribal drumming a` la Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, quiet acoustic guitar and frantic dance beats. The album closes with the romantic ballad Spells.

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