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Jay Som: Turn Into (2016), 4.5/10
Jay Som: Everybody Works (2017), 6/10
Jay Som: Anak Ko (2019), 5/10
Bachelor: Doomin' Sun (2021), 6/10

Los Angeles's singer-songwriter Jay Som (Melina Duterte) debuted with several singles of bedroom-pop (2012-15), with the album Turn Into (2016), which is just a collection of demos, and with the singles I Think You're Alright/ Rush (2016), Turn the Other Cheek (2017) and Radio Silence/ Lose (2017). Sophomore album Everybody Works (2017) contains humble dream-pop ditties like The Bus Song (2017) and Baybee (2017), shades of punk-rock in 1 Billion Dogs (2017), One More Time (embellished with a Pink Floyd-ian guitar solo) and the seven-minute closer For Light, Anak Ko (2019) contains two more dream-pop ditties, namely Superbike (2019) and Nighttime Drive (2019), but begins to show the limitations of her music. Duterte also teamed up with Justus Proffit for the five-song EP Nothing's Changed (2018) and with Chastity Belt's bassist Annie Truscott for the single Cady Road and the EP And Other Things (2021).

Meanwhile in New York another singer-songwriter, Ellen Kempner launched her project Palehound with the short eight-song album Dry Food (2015), containing Molly, with A Place I'll Always Go (2017) and with Black Friday (2019), containing Worthy, in a more somber style.

Duterte and Kempner formed Bachelor, which debuted with the rather trivial mix of folk-rock and psych-pop of Doomin' Sun (2021). Typical of their melodic talent are the elegy Back of My Hand, the jangling lullaby Sick of Spiraling, and the poppy, bombastic and distorted (almost shoegazing) singalong Stay in the Car. But the album also contain introverted moments like the whispered, bluesy Sand Angel and spartan bedroom-pop dirges Went out Without You, Doomin' Sun and Moon. Sound effects impregnate the post-psychedelic Spin Out, opening another possible front.

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