Jonathan Badger

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Verse (2014) , 7/10

As a young philosophy student, Baltimore's guitarist Jonathan Badger, scored the ballet On Wings of Angels (premiered in Berlin) and the opera Dance of the Spiders (premiered in Boston). He then led parallel lives as a scholar of philosophy and a Robert Fripp alumnus. His guitar technique was initially documented on Metasonic (High Horse, 2006), the live Taps (2007) , Unsung Stories from Lily's Days as a Solar Astronaut (MT6, 2010) and the second live Summer Electra (2011).

He also published the book "Sophocles and the Politics of Tragedy" (2012).

Verse (Cuneiform, 2014) is a highly creative collection of instrumental sketches. Anyone looking for the conventional "impressionistic vignette" has to console herself with The Bear. The rest extends way beyond that format, whether the alien psychedelic vision of St Lucy's Day, the exuberant cartoonish minimalist fanfare of Dotter, the ghostly post-nuclear blues jam The Valley of the Shadow, the dissonant slowly-deconstructing industrial ballad Limbec, or the propulsive, neurotic, march-like nightmare Erbarmen. And there is also room for the metaphysical piano elegy Bouge and for the Strauss-ian symphonic overture Sickle's Compass Come (actually, the closing piece).

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