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Fake It Flowers (2020), 4/10 Links:

Beabadoobee, the moniker of Filipino-born English singer-songwriter Beatrice Laus, became famous thanks to the childish lullaby Coffee (2017), followed by the EPs Lice (2018), the seven-song Patched Up (2018), with If You Want To, Loveworm (2019) and Space Cadet (2019), with She Plays Bass. These EPs introduced her as a diligent clone of female-fronted Brit-pop of the 1980s (the Primitives). The album Fake It Flowers (2020) abandoned the lo-fi bedroom innocence of those EPs for a lusher, louder sound, starting with the crunchy guitar riffs of Care. But mostly these are third-rate pop ballads.
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