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Future Me Hates Me (2018), 5/10
Jump Rope Gazers (2020), 4/10

The Beths, formed by four students of jazz at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, debuted as one of the least original bands to come out of the national pop school. The five-song EP Warm Blood (2016) contains an original mix of locomotive drumming and dreamy vocals, Warm Blood, a slanted singsong like Rush Hour 3, and old-fashioned arias like Lying in the Sun that hark back to the Brill Building of the 1950s.

Future Me Hates Me (2018) is a rather tedious parade of trite melodies that cope from Brit-pop of the 1980s (the generation of the Primitives) like Great No One and You Wouldn't Like Me. The more virulent Future Me Hates Me and especially the breathless punk-pop ditty Uptown Girl keep us from yawning. The second half is utterly disposable. The energetic drumming, more than Elizabeth Stokes' bland voice, keeps the album alive.

Jump Rope Gazers (2020) contains the single Dying to Believe Most of the album is disposable.

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