Black Dresses

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Wasteisolation (2018), 7/10
Thank You (2019), 5/10
Love And Affection For Stupid Little Bitches (2019), 5/10
Peaceful as Hell (2020), 6.5/10

Black Dresses, the Canadian female duo of Ada Rook and Devi McCallion, were a sort of Ween for the age of glitch electronica. Wasteisolation (2018) contains miniatures of pop songs over massive beats and heavy riffs. The panzer power-pop of Doorway is their manifesto. If Go Inside mocks the vocal harmonies of the Merseybeat era, and the catchy Wiggle toys with girls-group languor, and Tell Me How U Feel undoes the genre of the dreamy ballad, and Runner turns synth-pop upside down with galactic sounds, Legacy erupts riot-grrrl angst amid noise of broken plates. On the other hand, songs like the rap-tinged Eternal Nausea sound like robotic cabaret skits.

The production of the four-song EP Hell is Real (2018) is even louder and harder. Hence the abrasive, pounding and angry U Don't Know and the demented singalong of Hell is Real coupled with acrobatic dance beats.

Much of that primal energy has disappeared on Thank You (2019), a far cry from the creative merry-go-round of the debut. Most songs are half-baked and sometimes predictable, and generally lightweight compared with a year earlier. Even the tensest numbers (Death/ Bad Girl, Theres Nothing Here Worth Dying For) sound like leftovers. The frenzied techno Look Away is the dance number du jour, and the catchy refrain of Thru The Void is their shot at mainstream pop. Best is perhaps Wheel Of Fortune, which sounds like a pop version of Nine Inch Nails.

Love And Affection For Stupid Little Bitches (2019) boasts the punk fury of Static and Mindcrushed (less furious, more catchy) but in general the atmosphere is much toned down and the result are the silly singalongs Hertz and Cartoon Network as well as the romantic pop ballads Bloom and My Heart Beats Out Of Time , pieces that approach the traditional song format. Mutations is the heavily distorted and tribal peak of the album, and is followed by the psychotic mayhem of Drool: there's a great EP hiding inside this album, but the temptation of mainstream pop seems too hard to resist.

The four-song EP Dreams Come True (2019) contains remixes.

Despite a few lame ballads (like Left Arm Of Life and Creep You), Peaceful as Hell (2020) returned to their massive beats (notably the terrifying bombardment of Beautiful Friendship) and twisted arrangements (Im A Freak Cuz Im Always Freaked Out) amid demented singalongs (Damage Suppressor), cubistic raps (Angel Hair) and mock-anthemic ditties (Please Be Nice). The electronic background is dirty, ugly and abrasive like on the first album. Witness the dissolution in acid of the otherwise melodic and naive Scared 2 Death. Mirror Girl sounds like the the Go-Go's performing in a junkyard. These two songs along restore their credentials as avant-riot grrrrls. There is enough irreverent fun, infectious melody and propulsive rhythms to compensate for the missteps of the previous albums.

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