Cashmere Cat

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9 (2017), 5/10
Princess Catgirl (2019), 5/10

Cashmere Cat (Norwegian dj and producer Magnus Hoiberg) was influential on the "future bass" scene with the EP Mirror Maru (2012), whose title-track sounds like a collage of movie soundtracks. He relocated to New York in 2013 and released the EP Wedding Bells (2014) and became a producer for pop stars such as Ariana Grande, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Britney Spears, etc. The commercial albums 9 (2017), including the singles Wild Love, Trust Nobody and Love Incredible, and featuring a cast of pop stars (Ariana Grande, Kehlani, etc), but only Victoria's Veil stands up to his first EP, and Princess Catgirl (2019) were basically demonstrations of his production skills for the purpose of marketing himself to pop stars.
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